Collection: Vegan Lip Care

Indulge in guilt-free lip care with our Vegan Lip Oil Collection. Immerse your lips in the luscious scents of green apple, raspberry, peach, and passion fruit, enriched with hydrating argan oil, vitamin E, and shea butter. Explore the perfect fusion of fruity bliss and natural nourishment. Pamper your lips with our cruelty-free, vegan formula for a deliciously hydrated, smooth pout. Dive into the goodness of nature – your lips deserve it.

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  • Glossy Collection

    Four shimmery & shiny gloss shades that last up to 6hrs! Enjoy the gloss and long lasting hydration these lipgloss provide!  Galaxy  Rummy  Frosted  Fairy Dust 

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  • BMB (vegan) hydrating lip oil

    Long lasting lightweight lip oil, vitamin E , coconut oil, shea butter oil and more Keep your lips moisturized and nourished all day long with B.M.B...

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